Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jackson EVH Randy Rhoads!

Just picked up my superguitar yesterday. Sent it to John Lau again for some modifications. And I have to say I am super happy about it. Changed all the hardware to black since it's almost impossible to get Gold Floyd rose within my budget. But the most interesting part is that I got half of the neck scalloped ( from 13th fret to 24th fret). The first time I played a scalloped guitar is a MIA Fender Stratocaster Yngwie Malmsteen signature. It was so easy to shred fast and don't even talk about the ease of bending. So after that I was determined to get my guitar scalloped but I wanted to keep the inlays on the Jackson. At first I thought the scalloping is gonna scrape the inlays but I was shocked that it didn't. But still, the inlays lost it's shine after that, so luckily I had it half-neck scalloped.

This is the picture of the scalloped frets.

Some pictures of the black hardware:

Will upload some videos soon.

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#1 describe 10 things about the person who tagged you....

1. Kecik but adorable
2. Extremely beautiful
3. Nice voice
4. Likes R&B
5. Suka pakai colored contacts
6. Studying at UTEM doing Kejuruteraan Pembuatan
7. Studied sains hayat at matrik , totally different from what she's doing now
8. A real head turner, everywhere she goes people will notice
9. Kind of a playgirl right now, but longs for true love
10.Have been dissappointed by many men.

#2 describe 10 things about you.

1. Extremely big and huge.
2. Loves to play sports (Rugby, football, tennis, badminton, ping pong and lots more)
3. I'm fugly
4. Extremely addicted to heavy metal ( Death metal especially like Children of Bodom)
5. Extremely addicted to guitar and shredding (Yngwie Malmsteen!!)
6. Jaga solat dan ibadah
7. Dapat scholarship from Sime Darby , next year pergi Australia.
8. Going to study at Monash University for Mechanical Engineering course.
9. Never had a girlfriend in my life, that sucks....
10.Accepted my fate for No.9 and convinced that it's because Allah loves me and wants to prevent me from falling to hell.

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1. Naim
2. Nazrin
3. Amir
4. Tah....aku tak ramai kawan yang blogging. sorry

Friday, January 16, 2009

Strat Upgraded!!

Ha ha.... now all you Fender owners cannot mock my Squier anymore. I just changed my pickup to two of the most powerful and influential pickups Dimarzio's have ever produced. First is a Dimarzio YJM ( that stands for Yngwie J. Malmsteen, yes we all know who he is, and if you don't, you're not a real guitarist ) and next is a Dimarzio Tone Zone ( a humbucker, something most of you cannot get on your strat, unless of course you own a fat strat like me, ironic).

Just take a look la wei, that rosewood fretboard looks like ebony.

And this is the view of my R-Supersponic X-Neck pickup. heh heh.... Got you there. No it's not a Dimarzio YJM but it is modeled after it. Plus it's alnico magnets and handwounded. You can't get that from any of those big pickup labels like Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan or even EMG's. Plus I got it for RM170 which just saves me a couple of hundred bucks than getting one of those big labels. This sound is soft but sharp like A YJM. That's the main reason I bought this pickup, so I could get the clarity and tone while playing Malmsteen at that speed.

And here comes the Tone Zone. Used by Paul Gilbert and many others, this pickup is one the most common you could see in any modified Ibanez RG. Believe me the popularity of this pickup is not exagerated and it's power is no less impresive. This pickup qualifies to be a high output pickup and it's design to tackle those annoying hum when playing hard music with heavy distortion. Lucky for me I got a used one for RM250 from John's Custom Shop (new one should cost around RM350). I want to get this because when I'm going to modify my strat to be a Frankenstrat, I want something with high power. But need to get floyd rose and maple fretboard first. The cost of building one is enourmous. Maybe 7 months later yeah.

I also got some new pedals. No Boss one lah, just a Behringer Equalizer and a Beta Aivin Noise Gate. Good enough la. I'm not like you rich bastard indulging on boutique pedals.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Read this! from

Ida Bakar

It must be heartening for the letter writer ‘Hamas to blame for
Israeli raids’
, that his thoughts are echoed by none other than President Bush himself . Such is the
insight on the affair that I am compelled to let the facts get in the way
of a good ‘Israeli defence’ story.

This war did not start on the 27th December 2008.

Despite the unilateral Israeli ‘disengagement’ from Gaza in
September 2005, according to an Israeli Human Rights group B’Tselem
“…Israel continued to control the air and sea space, movement
between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (also via neighbouring
countries), the population registry, family unification, and the crossing
of goods to and from Gaza…On 28 June, Israel bombed the
electric-power station. Since then, residents of the Gaza Strip have
relied completely on Israel for their electricity.” .

In addition to direct killing of civilians since the disengagement –
IDF soldiers taking pot-shots at unarmed Gazans, children included –
the population is further traumatised by sonic booms from low flying
military planes; so much so Physicians for Human Rights Israel has
petitioned against this extreme violation of human rights.

Following a free and fair election in which Hamas was elected to power,
the people of Gaza were collectively punished by Israeli siege which, in
the last 18 months have starved the population of food and denied access
to medical care.

The Israeli military occupation denies the Palestinians the very basic of
human dignity as reported by the International Committee of the Red Cross
way back in 2007. .
Israel blockade of Gaza has resulted in malnutrition amongst the 1.5
million population of the occupied land

The Israeli army has continued to deny ICRC emergency medical team into
despite the dire humanitarian situation.

So, for the letter writer to compare the Gaza-Israeli situation with
relationship between Malaysia and Thailand or Singapore is missing the
point all together. Malaysia’s army is not occupying those

The letter writer stated that Hamas has refused to sign cease-fire
agreement. This, again, is a fib as Hamas and Israel signed up to an
Egyptian-brokered ceasefire on 19th June 2008

Unfortunately, while the world was in euphoria after Obama’s
election to the American presidency, on the 5th November 2008 Israel
launched an incursion into Gaza killing seven Palestinians. This
effectively ended the ceasefire and Hamas’ rockets flew in

The letter also called for Hamas to stop attacking Israel. What about the
Israeli stranglehold on Gaza? When the rockets stop and Gaza
infrastructure further destroyed, not to mention the five thousand already
dead (as opposed to four Israeli civilians), will Israel allow some
dignity for the Palestinians? Will Israeli talk with Hamas? Efraim Halevy,
former Mossad chief certainly think so

After all, Hamas was elected into office by the Palestinians of Gaza.
Gaza and the West Bank are under illegal Israeli military occupation.
These Palestinians are denied their basic human rights to dignified lives.

History has shown time and again that occupation and oppression will be
resisted. Think of the wars of independence from colonial rule. Think of
East Timor and Tibet. As Malaysians we fought the Japanese occupation, we
aimed to be free of British colonial rule however ‘benign and
benevolent’ it was.

The Palestinians of Gaza do not have sophisticated weaponry to fight the
Israeli military might. The Israelis do not want a viable Palestinian
state and continues to trample on their dignity. Read the testimonies from
Gaza via B’Tselem here

Gaza is akin to a prison camp, what choice these Palestinians have?

The 500 or so who protested at the US embassy recently are joined by
hundreds of thousands more in the capitals around the world, European
capitals included.

I humbly urged the letter writer to read beyond the up-the-minute news
bulletin. All the links above are from Israeli and ‘western’
organisations websites. I have chosen them so as not be accused of being a
“one sided affair to discredit anything related to the US and
Israel” as stated in the letter.

List of on-line references
B’Tselem – Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in
Occupied Territories

Physician for Human Right Israel

International Committee of the Red Cross

BBC news

CBS news

Wall Street Journal

The Independent Newspaper

Ida Bakar

Kekejaman Rejim Israel!

Palestinian boys kneel over the bodies of Issa, left, Ahmed, center, and Mohamed Samouni, right, who according to Palestinian medical sources were killed in an Israeli strike, during their funeral in Gaza City, Monday, Jan. 5, 2009. (AP)

An injured Palestinian is helped from the rubble following an Israeli missile strike in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008. (AP)

Smoke rises over Gaza City, following an Israeli air strike at the Palestinian police headquarters in Gaza City, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008. (AP)

Palestinian medics carry the body of a security force officer from Hamas after an Israeli missile strike outside the former headquarters of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Gaza City, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008. (AP)

A Palestinian man reacts over the body of a member of the security forces of Hamas at the site of an Israeli missile strike at the security headquarters in Gaza City, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008. (AP)

A Palestinian man reacts over the bodies of members of the security forces of Hamas at the site of an Israeli missile strike at the security headquarters in Gaza City, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008. (AP)

A Palestinian boy walks past a destroyed al-Shifa mosque following an Israel air strike in Gaza Strip, December 28, 2008. (Reuters)

A Palestinian mourner carries the body of 4-year-old Dena Balosha, one of five members of the same family including three children and two teenagers who were killed in an Israeli missile strike, during their funeral in the Jebaliya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008. (AP)

Palestinians carry the body of a victim of an Israeli air strike in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, 27 December 2008. (MaanImages)

The pictures from this post is collected from

Please visit the website to learn more about the atrocities of the Israeli Regime. Spread the word.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Beast!

Why is it so hard for me to get a girlfriend? I've been trying for years and not even once have I accomplished this difficult task. It is so damn hard. I tried so many things, I asked so many people, I spent so many time but it was all wasted. How I curse those people who change their girlfriends every month. Why is it so easy for them?

I know I'm such a hideous ugly fat beast but is that the main reason why girls seem to evade me? I asked so many people and they say that a guy's appearance doesn't really matter to a girl. If it is true then why do girl stare at me with such a disgusted face? I've walked into a cafeteria once and even some people who was about to stuff their food inside their mouth stopped in their tracks once they caught a sight of me. I know it couldn't be a look of amazement since that is so not true. I've experienced it so many times before but why does it hurt so much everytime it happened.

I tried my luck a couple of times on internet dating. Having enough of being alone, I decided to try my luck on the web. Once there was this girl who was very friendly towards me but as soon as she saw my picture and find out I am probably twice her weight she immediately took off. Damn it.

I don't really belong to Malaysia. Being the biggest guy to everyone around me doesn't help my confidence. I always tried to convinced myself that there is a reason why God made me like this. I have come to accept me for who I am and I'm not gonna change it. But others doesn't seem to have that same thought. I also tried to convince myself Allah didn't want me to have a girlfriend because he loves me and doesn't want me to indulge in worldly posessions. I believe that with all my heart and I trust his decisions with no questions asked. But I do wonder when will I meet my soulmate, someone who would love me for who I am, since everyone is fated to have one. I'm just not sure it will be anytime soon.