Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Day Fireworks!

Yesterday I went to One Utama with my sister and her boyfriend to enjoy the fireworks for the new year countdown. Bloody hell, the roads are bloody jammed. It's a good thing my sis's boyfriend knew his way and took a shortcut. So we parked at One Utama outdoor parking and just waited there. Right at the stoke of midnight, tonnes of fireworks blasted through the air, creating a magnificent array of glowing thunder.

This is the finale from One Utama. It's a big one.

This is the finale from the Curve. It's a lot less bang but more beautiful.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


HATE is a strong word. Some people would rather use not like or disapprove instead. But I LOVE to HATE and HATE to LOVE. I HATE a lot of people in this world. Sometimes I just feel like killing them. Shocked? Don't be. I may be warm and caring ( heh heh a bit of a boaster too ) but deep inside I'm a very dark man. That's why I listened to Heavy Metal songs to feed on my HATRED. My past experiences taught me to HATE instead of LOVE. Friends who backstab me, Girls who ditched me, Older people who scold me, all these people end up in the list of people I HATE. HATRED is what brings me to the brink and show me what I'm capable of. HATE! HATE!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being alone is OK I guess!!

Life as we know is fucked up. You often ending up not getting what you want. Nothing can be more true when you're talking about matters of the heart. You build so much hopes and dreams about it and before you know it, it comes crumbling down and hits you right in the face.

I know how that felt because I've felt it over and over again. I used to believe that if you really work for something that you want, you will get results. But now after having fallen over and over again, I seem to lost my faith over those words. This is not a fairy tale people, come back to reality. This world is harsh and cruel. Sometimes when you tried hard but it still doesn't bring you back anything, then you should know when to quit.

I certainly learned my lesson about love. It stings like hell and so far it has never bring me anything other than grief and sorrow. Sometime I just thought that maybe one day I would get a chance to love again, as I did a couple of weeks ago, but it was all just lies. Maybe I'm not meant to venture into this wild territory and find happiness within it. I believe Allah has bigger plans for me and falling in love is not one of them. I have come to accept my fate of being alone and possibly dying alone. My life is short and it is not meant to be spent with another person. I ask for forgiveness if I may hurt you....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Steven Yeam Network

Yesterday I was introduced to the business world by one of my best SAS-mates, Ibrahim. He showed me a new type of multi-level marketing which is called network marketing by introducing me to this Steven Yeam Network or SYN. Basically it's sort of like recruiting new people by opening up an opportunity to another (well that is according to what they say).

So I was set up a meeting with an advisor who is a marquis who basically is generating an income of RM 10k a month. I was introduced to their business plan where I get to learn how the business works, the levels available (there are franchisee, baron, count, marquis, duke and arch duke), the amount of money generated from each level an so forth. I was quite interested with what the business has to offer but still fail to comprehend fully how the business works. Thousands of questions popped in my mind but none of them managed to appear to my mouth.

Before I met the advisor I actually did some research on the internet. It turns out that a lot of people find this program a fraud because of the high ROI and the similarities of it to a pyramid scheme (which is illegal in Malaysia). I took their oppinions noted and came in with a negative mind. But after having the advisor explaining it to me my views of the program gradually changed.He also explained why those people thought it was a fraud simply because it's new and different.

One of the things I immedietly noticed at the SYN office was that there were a lot of youngsters eg. students and fresh graduates. But make no mistake, there are some who are already in their late 40's and are experienced workers. I guess the reasons why this appeals to the younger generation is because they have a chance of becoming their own boss ( or maybe that's what they wanted to think). I cannot help to think that this program is a fraud simple because of this reason, because younger generations are still fresh to the world and easier to con.

I find it hard to sleep last night because of the thoughts in my head keep preventing me from getting some rest. I have to make a decision wether to join this or not but I can't help of thinking it will destroy my future if I did. So now I'm doing a more thorough research so that when I join it, I will have more confidence for it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

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1. You

2. You and your Best friends

3. You and your number 1

4. You and your classmates (masa kt matrik dulu)

5. You and your old friends. ( which you used to be close with)

6. You and your kindergarten friend.

Xde gmbr.....

7. You and your cousin.

8. You and your siblings.