Monday, August 10, 2009


Just got back from my week long holiday in Australia. Man it's hot here, over there it's 13C. heh 13 going to 30. But man it was really enjoyable. Not to mention very expensive. I wasted 400 Ozzy dollars.

Time to recall some precious memories. It was a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne when I arrived. The sight of whities everywhere reminded me of the time when I used to travel the world, visiting foreign countries, meeting new faces and introduced to a new culture. How I miss those days. But now I get a chance to relive that moment, and experience the joy of being a foreigner, where everyday is an excitement.

I love winter. That is my favorite season. I love the cold and the chilling wind and the sight of empty trees. I never experience winter before, and may I say that it is everything that I expected, everything that I wanted. Being a husky guy, I tend to have larger amount of fat than what is supposed to, so it's only logical to say that my body is a good insulator. In Malaysia, due to the sweltering hot weather and humid atmosphere, I usually drown in my own sweat and suffer the unbearable amount of heat generated in me. But during winter, I can relax comfortably while others shiver in the mighty cold.

I must say that I shopped a lot. Went to lots of places but I especially like going to Victoria Market. Things are dirt cheap but still maintains a certain level of quality. I bought most of my clothes at Target since they have them at big sizes. I got a cotton pants which costs me around 70 AUD, damn that's expensive but it is one of the most comfortable pants I ever wore. Better I got sports shoes for 4 bucks, that's like 10 Ringgit. Went to DFO, visited Rivers and bought me a boots for 35 bucks. Supposed to be 70 but I got it half priced.

We rented a Holden Statesman for the 3rd day. Seriously that is the best car we've ever rode. It's so wide not to mention having a 3.5 litter that would probably produce around 250 bhp. Our first trip was to go to Mt. Buller. I have to say that it was my first time experiencing snow and it was the best time of my life. I went skiing with my sister, not knowing it was terribly hard to do it. After managing a couple of laps on a gentle slope, I decided to tackle the big dog and slope down the whole mountain. So there I was, sitting all alone on the ski chair with the chilling wind, strikes down right to my bone. I was beginning to have doubts whether I could come down alive, seeing how I performed before. But hell it went well, too well so I decided to go again. Not knowing I took the wrong ski chair, before this it only went half the mountain, now I'm heading way to the top. Not many people went there because the slope is very steep and it needs massive amount of control. Since I don't have that the only way I could stop is by falling down, in this case, rolling over. But I was having the best time of my life. My family was getting worried why I wasn't down yet since I'm only expected to go down once. They thought of getting someone to rescue me but luckily I came down safely.

The next day we went to Ballarat to visit Sovereign Hill, an old mining town. Too bad we came late so we only have an hour and a half to explore the place. But seriously it was worth every cent, as none of us regretted going there. Took lots of photos and videos and seen things we've never saw before. It looked like a Western cowboy town. We didn't manage to go on the underground mine tour as we were to late but it's a good thing we came late, since we were the only people there so it was peaceful, apart from a couple of schoolgirls.

Other than that we get to see a couple of other places with the car. We went to St. Kilda at night. My god it was so beautiful seeing the waterfront at night. It was so peaceful, it is a perfect place to bring your girlfriend on a date. My sis thought it was a good idea to watch the fireworks at Crowns Casinos, although it was rather short but seeing the hotel itself is good enough. The most wonderful lobby I ever been in. No words can describe it, it was just so wonderful. On top of that I saw the girl of my dreams. Joe met up with one of his Indonesian friends there, and that guy brought a long his girlfriend. She is so beautiful, she looks like a beautiful model and a great face indeed. But hell, I know I can never get someone like that, so I can only spend the rest of my life imagining being with a girl like that.

Went to a couple of guitar shop. Allan's Music at Bourke St. Tested a couple of amps, Orange Rockereverb 50, Vox AC30CC2. Damn nice. I also tried a couple of Ibanez Prestiges and some GIBSON Les Pauls. Bloody hell the Gibsons are so cheap compared to Malaysia's price. They showcase their Gibsons like we showcase our Epiphones. But of course I don't have any money to buy anything. Would love to go there again and actually buy something.

Going to Australia is so wonderful. I really miss it and I sure wish I can go there again. Hopefully I get to go study there next year. So pray for me aite!