Friday, October 31, 2008

Metal for Life!

Hey wassup everyone and hows it hangin. Metal rawks yeah! If you realize nowadays the underground scene is full of metal bands and it really is rising here in Malaysia. One day it might topple over R&B and Rap and dominate the top charts. But I'm not here to talk about the Malaysian bands that you might be interested in (since I don't know shit about them), I want to talk about the ones the whole world hail them. One thing about metal is guitar solos is a must and fast and outrageous it should be.

- Metallica: very good for people who are thinking of picking up metal bhut don't stop at it. Metallica is actually looked down upon by the metal community and it you think that you are too cool for listening just to them then you are nothing but a poser and a bastard.

- Avenged Sevenfold : Very good metalcore turned to hard rock band. There is a lot of debate and discussion whether this band is metal or just a hard rock band, but make no mistake their first two album is definitely from the metalcore origin. Check out the popular song Unholy Confession. It seems that the band wanted to soften up and I don't really know why. But one thing is for sure the guitarworks is marvelous and smooth. Synyster Gates is hailed as one of the fastest guitarist in the world.

- Bullet for My Valentine : A bit of an emo band. They're most favorite works are All These Things I Hate and Tears Don't Fall. I kinda like this band as it is full of emotions but theyre latest album they filled it up with hate. Waking The Demon is a prime example of the shifting of style this band is going through and I have to say I love the outcome.

- Dragonforce : This band falls in a subcategory call NERD metal. Stupid band. It only got famous because one of their stupid songs got famous in guitar heroes 3. Every song sounds the same and have you seen their music video? It is a lot of gibberish and makes no sense at all. I know the guitar solos are really good and cannot complain that Herman Li and Sam Tottman are wonderful shredders, but they're horrible musician. Want to show off every second and there is absolutely no harmony and plotting in their songs. The whole nerd community praises them for being able to make them think they're cool and the whole metal community disses them for ruining the metal scene.

- Children of Bodom : My favorite band. I love the songs, the harmonics, the effects used, the timing , the guitarworks, the keyboardist and almost everything. This is a death metal band that comes to shock the world by storm. Alexi Laiho is my favorite guitarist and I aspire to be like him. I learned to play a lot of COB songs and it has a helped me a lot in my guitar playing. Songs you should definitely listen are Needled 24/7, Are you dead yet?, Lake Bodom, and Angel don't kill.

I know there is a lot of other famous bands that I haven't covered yet but the list up there is just to get you started. For more information of other metal band google it up.