Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Metal : A Headbanger's Journey

Hi how r u? Yeah it's been quite a while since my last entry so I'll make this one somewhat a good entry.

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. I've been meaning to make a review of this documentary. It is seriously good, it really touched me. It was a documentary made by Sam Dunn, a serious metalhead from the age of 12 about metal and it's origins. It portrays the history of metal, the controversies such as satanism and violence and also the effect it has on the fans.

Metal is widely accepted as being originated from Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi to be more precise. The song "Black Sabbath", features the usage of tri-tones which a provide a dark and grisly atmosphere. This pattern was actually prohibited by the church during the medieval times, as it is related to satan.

Satanism has always been a problem to the society. Unfortunately it's always being connected to metal, that's major stereotype. Not all metalists are satanists, in fact people who writes songs about satan are most likely not satanist. For Example Slayer and Venom. The reason why they wrote it is because they wanted to make they're songs darker than everyone else's. It's not like they mean it at all. Tom Araya of Slayer sings about God Hates Us All, but he's a devout catholic who goes to church every week.

The Norwegians wrote songs about satan because of the rebelling towards christianity. Well hatred towards christianity in Norway stretches out to their Viking roots. Church burnings, killing is a problem with this group. I don't knnow man, I'm not really a fan of black metal so I'll just leave this out.

Death metal is my most favorite genre. Unfortunately gore and violence is always connected to this one. Cannibal Corpse often depicts violent imagery on their cover albums. The reason why they do what they do is to shock people, but in reality they're just like you and me. Humble and down to earth type of people. They know things like this will never happen in real life.

This documentary demonstrates the effect of metal to the fans. Metal doesn't judge, doesn't discriminate and it sure is comforting when you have a trouble. Being a metal fan myself, I cannot get through life without metal, just as I cannot get through life without Islam. You may not understand what metal means to us, it's more than just a bunch of songs with heavy drum beats, distorted guitars and over the top screaming. It's a way of life.