Monday, July 13, 2009

Jamming Jamming!!

Last saturday I went out jamming with Joe's brother and his friends. We went to a studio called Hot Stuff, which is located somewhere in Taman Tun. Damn the studio was nice, well since it's because we picked the nicest one, RM40 per hour so each have to pay RM10. They got Marshall AVT cabs, Carvin cabs and a keyboard. Soundwise, top notch. I used the Marshall cab since I thought of leaving the Carvin stuff to the lead guitarist. But I don't know why Daniel, who is a much better guitarist than I am, chose to use a Hughes and Kettner amp.

Man that guy is damn good, he can really shred and I'm not talking about pure wanking, it's about putting theory into practice. I don't know much about theory, so that's why I signed up for guitar lessons at Music Master yesterday.

The jamming went well, although there are a lot of mistakes made. But all is well, I was really satisfied with the outcome.

But hey don't listen to me, here are some few clips. Yes I made a lot of mistakes

Ni aku main Open Your Eyes Solo (ALter Bridge). Ye ada byk silap ngan mistiming.

Ni Sweet Child o Mine duel solo. Ye aku silap dlm first half.

Rock You Like A Hurricane. ni aku x main solo tp ko tgk Daniel pny playing...flawless

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gi Lepak kt Rasta smlm...

Yesterday i lpk2 with Amin, Wari and Emir. Amin and Wari brought their girlfriends along. Hell good thing Emir didn't otherwise I'll be lonely like shit. But hey it was still fun hanging out with them since we can't do this very often. And as usual they laugh the shit out of everything I say, damn I feel like such a clown.

But hey Wari seems FATTER, so I'm not alone. Relax man I know you hv ur reasons. Tak kisah la kan sbb ko yg ada awek. Aku sebatang kara je. But seeing how romantic those 2 couples are, it makes me think, will I ever get the chance to do something like that? Or am I going to die alone? Insyaallah not but I still cannot help wondering. Nothing has ever came out so far so why should it starts now?

Feelings aside, had fun last night. It was a mistake to order that damn shisha. Cost me some greens and those two girls seems to be bothered by the smoke. Good thing I didn't took out my sin sticks. Went back at 2.30, I believe this is the latest I ever came back ever since college.

PS: fuck you man!!