Sunday, February 14, 2010

My new guitar

It's been such a long time since I last blogged. I guess I've just lost interest. No one's even visit this page anyway. But now I really have something to blog about. A new guitar. And it's damn nice too. Unfortunately I have to let go two of my other precious electric guitars to get this one ( So long Jackson Rhoads and Squier Strat, I'll miss you ).

This here is an IBANEZ RGR321EX. It has a basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, EMG designed pickups, and a fixed bridge.

Why did I choose this guitar? At first I wanted something with a radical shape like a BC Rich Warlock or Jackson Kelly. But years playing the Jackson Rhoads made me dislike all this fancy guitars with pointy shapes. It's just hard to place it on your leg when practicing. Sure it might be great when playing in a live metal show, but I just decided that I like the Strat shape, and opted to go for an Ibanez.

Then there's the choice of picking which Ibanez, there's so many option. RG350,PGM,RG470,etc... I chose the guitar based on 3 criteria:

1) Must have reverse headstock ( I just love reverse headstock, it grew unto me when I had the Jackson)

2) Must be black (Need something for metal)

3) Must have body binding (Without it the guitar will look very plain)

4) Fixed bridge (Gotten sick with tuning problems on a Floyd Rose)

At first I was tempted to get Ibanez RGR08LTD, it has a different but metal designed dot inlays and Seymour Duncan Blackout on the Bridge pickup. But it only has 1 pickup, which looks weird, so I didn't like it. Plus with the usual dot inlays, it's easy to see which note you are pressing, great for teaching.

Wonderful bolt on neck, easy to find replacement.

Made in Indonesia, surprisingly very good quality. I've done shitloads of homework before getting this guitar, and I have never heard a problem from this guitar.

I also bought an Ibanez hardcase from gapnap. It's damn good quality, normally an Ibanez case would cost more than RM600, this is half the price. At first I was thinking of purchasing a GATOR hardcase, but this one caught my attention.

Will post a video of the guitar in action later.

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