Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hard Work Paying Off

So after almost 2 months going to the gym, I can finally see some results. No I don't meant that I'm skinny of buffed up yet, but at least I'm stronger and faster this time. All those time spent of threadmills and cycling machine made my legs stronger. Hitting the weights made my muscles bigger, I can actually do a pullup now.

But my belly is still there, so I'm not gonna pose for a before/after shot yet. But I'm definitely gonna continue going to the gym until I am finally satisfied with myself. But I have to admit, it is quite costly. Although I am fully sponsored by my mom for club fees, I've developed other bad financial habits over there. For example, after every session I would almost always head over to McDonalds downstairs to indulge myself. I felt like I should reward myself for working out. Not to mention the expensive parking at Subang Parade. Maybe I should start Parking at Carrefour instead?

So the next time ur gonna see me, u'll be surprised. To the guys, I'm gonna make all ur girlfriends ditch u for me. To the girls, this time ur not gonna be rejecting me.

1 comment:

Anwari Ashraf said...

Nah my gf's not gonna leave me for anyone that assured! But dude im thinking of getting registered to a gym myself. How much are u paying a month?